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Painting and Assembly

Painting is performed in hall 40 m x 24 m equipped with Cranes 24 t and 16 t equipped by exhaustion or in heated box 8 m x 4 m.

  • Painting
  • Assemblies

We use the technology of wet painting onto metal surfaces. Degreasing is done in degreasing box with using of Everstar degreaser and then Everstar passivator at temperature 60 °C. We do manual shot-blasting with the surface roughness Sa2 1/2.

We do the painting in Painting box with exhaustion or in Painting Hall with exhausting SLF Oberflächentechnik.

The spraying is carried out by skilled personnel by airless methods, AIRCOM Wagner and compressed air.

We apply many kinds of paints, mostly epoxy, polyurethane, alkyd and acrylic. Check of the thickness and quality is ensured by final inspection with using help of modern measuring devices. The shades of colors can be mixed according to the customer wishes.

Final inspection of painting consists of:

  • visual inspection of paint (shade homogeneity, paint defects, etc.)
  • measuring of paint thickness by Elcometer 456
  • inspection of unmasking machined surfaces and threads and their preservation

We do also another measuring and tests of paint coating according to customers requests, for example surface roughness by Elcometer 224, measurement of salt on the surface by Bresle kit, measuring of paint adhesion by test device Elcometer 106 F or check of porosity by low voltage porosimeter Elcometer 270. We paint some components under the supervision of the Frosio inspector.