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AVT - Pneumatic Locomotives and vehicles for operation in explosive atmosphere

AVT - Pneumatic Locomotives and vehicles for operation in explosive atmosphere

Pneumatic Locomotives serves for manipulation in explosive atmosphere with explosive factor ATEX II up to 420 t of Load capacity. Mostly used in Painting and Blasting shops. Vehicles are equipped by own Pneumatic drive.

Pneumatic Rail vehicles are produced in following types. This line can be extended according to customer requirements.

TypeLoading capacity (t)Standard size of Platform (mm) width x lengthGauge (mm)
AVT 20, 30, 40 1450 x 2500 in "locomotive" option
2000 x 3000, 3500
2000 x 4000, 5000, 6000
3000 x 6000

Technical description

Technical description

  1. Floor steel plates - counterweight
  2. Frame
  3. The connection of pneumatic Remote Control
  4. Axle
  5. Fixing hook to fix another vehicle
  6. End Stops

Each vehicle is equipped with set of passive safety elements. Passive elements such as Protective frame around the car and a color differentiation increase the safety of the operation.

Technical parameters

Length (mm) See table of produced typed
Width (mm) Viz See table of produces types
Height (mm) from 350 up to 720
Gauge (mm) 1435
Surface treatment Polyurethane paint
Upper Platform Steel sheet, Plywood rubber coated
Accessories I. Locking points, Safe bunks
Accessories II. Drum with cable


  • easy manipulation and simple Control
  • cooperation with leading manufacturers guarantees long life time if used components
  • high Safety
  • possibility of Platform modification according to customer requirement
  • rigid structure

Certificates and documentation

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Guarantee Card
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual

All vehicles are designed according to EU standards.


  • mechanical
    • Locking Pins
    • Safe bunks
    • Reel with Hose
    • possibility to integrate the Reel onto vehicle