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Rail vehicles

VV - Towing Rail Vehicles

Towing vehicles are especially designed for manipulation of lighter loads. The loading capacity is usually between 5-20 tons for the manual pushing. If required to pushing the vehicle over 15 t, it is used Locomotive to achieve the necessary…

AV - Accumulator Rail vehicle

Self-propelled working Platforms are produced in standard version with Load capacity from 10 t up to 40 t. It is possible on the request of customer to produce this platforms with Load capacity up to 300 t.

EV - Trolley Rail vehicle

This way of transport is used for higher tonnages or for 3 - shift operation, when is not time to charge the battery. It is most used in Rail modification for manipulation between operating workplaces.

AVT - Pneumatic Locomotives and vehicles for operation in explosive atmosphere

Pneumatic Locomotives serves for manipulation in explosive atmosphere with explosive factor ATEX II up to 420 t of Load capacity. Mostly used in Painting and Blasting shops. Vehicles are equipped by own Pneumatic drive.