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History of Hopax



HOPAX company was founded in 1994. The owner of company is one person with Czech domestic capital. At the beginning of operation of the company was a small workshop with one crane, basic mechanical equipment and unfinished office building. The first products were various steel structures without machining.



After the first year of operation, the director of the company decided slowly invest in machinery. Only then could the company ensure the quality of severe production. In this way, the company expanded to foreign markets and began supply severe steel structures to the customers in Germany.



During the years the company has gained a reputable name mainly on the German market and the increasing tendency of the amount of work forced the company to further development. The result was to build a new "Welding shop".



Increasing technological equipment mainly horizontal machines brand TOS ran the company for further expansion. This equipment meets another requirements of customers. Previous experiences helped quickly build a hall 2. It also helped to reduced cooperation and this is reflected in the quality of production and shortening the of manufacturing process.



In the following years there was a change of orientation to foreign customers mainly in Norway. That meant changing demands on technology requirements and production. In conditions of global economic boom and thanks to sufficient sources from realized projects were enabled investments in new technologies and building of another workshops.

Continuously was invested in blasting and cutting equipment, Fronius welding technology, CNC Horizontal Boring machines TOS Varnsdorf and Lathes, including modern ecological paint shop. In addition to the production technology has been invested in mobile Crane GROVE 35 tons, working platforms Rothlehner etc. Between 2001 and 2008 there was a rapid development of the company.

Even in times of economic recession did not stop investment and further growth. Between 2009 and 2010 was invested in a new cutting machine MGM OMNICUT 5100 with a powerful plasma supply Kjellberg HiFocus 360i and Horizontal Boring Machine Fermat WRF 130 CNC with a carousel table Ø3200mm and loading capacity 40 tons. Throughout the company's history HOPAX Ltd. works a Car Service, of which more than 50% of its capacity serves for public.

HOPAX purchased a healthy part of company International Tracking in 2009 and thus gained more options and benefits to satisfy customer requirements. Today may offer not only the manufacture of goods, but also to provide complex services, ie delivery including transport to the destination of the customer.



After 2010 were purchased neighboring land and it enabled another growth of the company. On this new land is many original buildings, which were rebuilt into warehouses and are rented to external companies.



Further steps have led the company to expand in the field of ecologic painting of large structures. The new paint hall with dimensions 40x24m ensures sufficient capacity. Within a short time a was built shop "Mechanics". This separated clean assembly work shop from the process of manufacturing. Currently, the company has sufficient technological equipment and certificates to be able to compete for the full supply of equipment eg. for Marine and Offshore industry.



Since 2013, the company develops in handling technology and invests in the establishment and development of technology center in Prague, which has the task to ensure the creation of technical documentation. Development department focuses mainly on accumulator wheel and rail vehicles, towing vehicles, pneumatic vehicles and Cranes.

Currently, the company HOPAX Ltd. is modern engineering company, able to meet the severe needs of customers in terms of quality and deadlines. It shows the long-term cooperation with Norwegian company developing and supplying the technology for exploration and excavation of seabed. HOPAX supply high quality products for heavy duty conditions on Ships and Offshore Platforms.