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Automatic Riding Regimes of Wheeled Vehicles


The most frequent use of Automatic Riding Regimes (ARR) is inter-operation transport. The vehicles are independent on rails and may carry loads between 3,5 to 300 tons. ARR vehicles are offered with or without chassis leveling. The vehicles often cooperate with hall crane system, weighing system or they may move without operator´s supervision. Vehicles significantly shorten inter-operative times of transport among halls and workshops. Further they are used for long-distance rides but especially with diesel engine. Vehicles are able to work in temperatures between -20O C to +40O C. The most frequent use is press-shops, transports of steel constructions, turbines, heavy tools, concrete structures, wind power plants pillars, rotors and so on.

Further option is tandem-use of ARR vehicles. This arrangement represents a ride of two platforms in a distance of e.g. 30 meters controlled by one remote control. This way of movement is used within transports of long weights e.g. rod material.

Possible Guidance Design

Induction Into concrete/Goetting

Technical description

Technical description

The Goetting Guidance System of ARR vehicles enables vehicle manipulation without driver. In contrast with optical tracking system (e.g. dark lines on light surface), the induction method offers the advantage of not being sensitive to oil, dirt, snow, tyres abrasion and so on. Because of that this method gained big popularity of use in sea / river ports and industrial plants. Reference current frequency and height of guiding conductor may be selected from a large number of versions.

Some sensors are equipped with a micro-computer which significantly increases the power of output and reliability. ARR vehicles are mostly use for intra-factory logistics.

Technical parameters

Length (mm) Unlimited
Guidance speed (m/min) 0-50
Guidance system Goetting
Guidance surface Concrete
Use Intra-operation transport, automatic workshops procurement
Guidance types Upon customer request – Induction, GPS, Magnetic tape
All-season operation Yes


  • Easy manipulation and simple control
  • High guidance precision
  • Operation safety
  • Maintenance-free system
  • High safety – active and passive
  • Possibility of track adjustments inside whole factory area
  • Possibility of each track crossing

Certification and Documentation

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Guarantee card
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual