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Production area total (m2): 2 000
Cranes maximum load (tons): 60
Gate dimension (width x lendth, meters): 6.0 x 5.5

Production of machined parts is part of division "Weldments and Machining". It is located in one hall with dimensions 84 x 24 m, which is incorporated into the complex of other halls and connected to production logistics.

On entering of the production process is carried out the drawing operation while controlling the dimensions of weldments and machining allowances. All machining is made on CNC Machines, 9 Horizontal Boring Machines and 4 Lathes, whose average age does not exceed 5 years. The exception is the Shaper Machine for manufacture of grooves. This machine is, however, due to the extension rack is unique and suitable for manufacturing of grooves in Hubs and long Drums.

All CNC Machines with an integrated control system Heidenhein are connected to the corporate LAN network to download the programs. Operators of all machines are highly qualified and are able to handle middle difficult programming directly on the machines, which are used primarily in the customs production.

The part of division "Machining of weldments" is workplace Mechanics that performs manual deburring and manual threading by pneumatic Tappers. Further there is carried out describing of products by digital equipment, welding of Bolts and final Pressure test. It is also possible to anneal weldments up to the length 2500 mm before machining.

Machining capacities are greater than capacity of division "Production of Weldments", therefore are free capacities used for external cooperation.

The final operation is the final inspection. Workplace of Quality inspection is located between the machining and expedition. There is a large range of registered and calibrated measuring instruments, which can measure all dimensions.

We do machining up to 45 t and 10 length according to the documentation of our customers:

  • Offshore components
  • Turbine bodies
  • Gearboxes bodies
  • Chassis of Rail and Wheel Vehicles
  • Shipping Industry components
  • Machining of Drums
  • Repair and machining of Mold boxes for Pressure Casting
  • Machining of Chassis
  • Machining of Fluid bodies and complicated shapes
  • Machining of Blades for Hydro Powers
  • Machining of parts for Marine Industry