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AKV - Accumulator Wheeled Vehicle

AKV - Accumulator Wheeled Vehicle


The most frequent use is inter-operation transportation, because the vehicles are independent on rails. Vehicles may transport loads between 3,5 to 30 tons. Vehicles are offered with or without chassis leveling. Vehicles often cooperate with hall crane system, weighing system or they may move without operator´s supervision. Vehicles significantly shorten inter-operative times of transport among halls and workshops. Further they are used for long-distance rides but especially with diesel engine. Vehicles are able to work in temperatures between -20 °C to +40 °C. The most frequent use is press-shops, transports of steel constructions, turbines, heavy tools, concrete structures, wind power plants pillars, rotors and so on.

Further option is tandem-use of vehicles. This arrangement represents a ride of two platforms in a distance of e.g. 30 meters controlled by one remote control. This way of movement is used within transport s of long weights e.g. rod material.

Produced lines

Accumulator vehicles are produced in the following lines. The line may be extended upon customer request.

1-steered axle
3,5, 5 3000x2000x500
4000x2000x720 higher battery capacity
1 or 2-steered axles 10, 15 "Riding on the radius"
10, 15 5000x2000x840
1 or 2-steered axles 20, 30 "Riding on the radius"
Each wheel steered "sideway riding"
20, 30 2300x4500x840

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

  1. Platform boards - plywood with rubber coat
  2. Frame
  3. Switchboard door cover
  4. Cargo fixing points
  5. Fixing points for lifting and vehicle transport
  6. Axle
  7. Emergency stop button
  8. Rubber ends
  9. Protective frame around the vehicle
  10. Light and sound signaling

Each AKV vehicle equipped with an accumulator conforms to a set of Standards valid within EU and Russia. An active set of safety elements comprises of safety sensors (stopping the vehicle in case of collision danger) and "4 TOTAL-STOP" buttons placed at vehicle corners (if pushed, the vehicle stops immediately). A passive set of safety elements comprises of LED illumination, protective frame around the vehicle and various colors of vehicle´s parts, which help in increasing of operation safety.

The surface finish is made of two-compound polyurethane paint. HOPAX Ltd. designers guarantee that all vehicle parameters conform to current EU and Russian Standards. . In case of export to third countries, the product conformity is solved in cooperation with Certification Body TUV SUD individually. The part of each vehicle delivery is Operational Manual in given language including Declaration of Conformity.

The AKV vehicles may be operated with either one or two steered axles. If both axles are steered, the vehicle rides on the radius. If each wheel is steered, it is possible to ride sideways or spin around the axis. The vehicles are driven by radio remote control.

Vehicle riding possibilities

Vehicle riding possibilitiesVehicle riding possibilities

Technical parameters

Length (mm) See "Table of produced types"
Width (mm) See "Table of produced types"
Height (mm) Od 500 do 1000
Surface treatment Polyurethane paint
Upper Platform Steel sheet, Plywood rubber coated
Accessories I. Turntable, Locking Pins, Pole, Safe bunks
Accessories II. Smart card reader, Remote control, LED lights, Anti-collision safety sensors
Accessories III. Battery Wi-Fi module, Electrolyte blow-through (Lead-acid battery or Gel maintenance-free battery)
Accessories IV. Sensors deblocation


  • Easy manipulation and simple control
  • Cooperation with leading manufactures guarantees long life-time of components used
  • Low operation costs
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • High safety – active and passive
  • Possibility of platform customization upon customer request
  • Minimal load distribution
  • Rigid construction

All vehicles are designed according to EU Standards.


  • Mechanical
    • Poles
    • Safe bunks
    • Locking pins
    • Turntable
    • Anti-slip floor
    • Lifting upper platform
  • Electricity and Battery
    • Sensors unblocking
    • Horn
    • Wi-Fi battery module
    • Electrolyte blow-through (Lead-acid batteries)
    • Gel batteries
    • Tandem control of two vehicles together
    • Fully- automatic operation
  • Safety
    • LED Lights
    • Smart card reader
    • Remote control
    • Safety sensors