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Project LARS

Reaching the sky. First tested LARS in our new production site. Proud to be part of this project…

Pipe manipulator

Hopax delivered weldments for 32 m height Pipe manipulator. Equipment serves for manipulation with Piping on Oil platforms.

Purchase of the Trumpf Laser TruLaser3040

Company Hopax increases the accuracy in production by opening of a new workplace Cutting and Bending. New laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3040 with table 4x2m ensures sheets cutting of…

Opening a new administration building Hopax

Hopax opened a new administration, part of the business and financial department. Glazed offices, saving energy. Modern space.

Launching a new four cylindrical bending machine BIKO B4-3163

Technical parameters working length 3050 mm maximum thickness 70 mm minimal diameter of bending 3150 mm the upper roller 630 mm lower roller 570 mm side roller 500 mm…

Obtaining of the certificate EN1090

Hopax obtained the certification EN1090, on the basis of which we are authorized to perform (produce and assemble) steel structures and we have a responsibility to provide the CE label of steel structures and issue document "Declaration of products properties".

Purchase of a new Horizontal boring machine with integrated Carousel WRF160

Fermat WRF160 x = 13 700mm y = 6 000mm z = 1 200mm w = 1 000 - table diameter 1 800 mm, 100 rpm Zst = 1 500 mm

Visit of Minister of Finance

Visit of Minister of Finance

Construction and production of a new Annealing Furnace

Dimensions of Furnace : 2400x2000x1200m with six channel recording: temperature / time. It is possible to record the heat curve, which is necessary for annealing of components for…