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AV - Accumulator Rail vehicle

AV - Accumulator Rail vehicle


Self-propelled working Platforms are produced in standard version with Load capacity from 10 t up to 40 t. It is possible on the request of customer to produce this platforms with Load capacity up to 300 t. It is possible to use them as Assembly Desks, Manipulation vehicles and Platforms, which can be used as vehicle and Locomotive all at once. Another use is as manipulation between working places and production halls and many other applications. The advantage is the simple transport independent on external Power supply. The disadvantage is the battery charging. User comfort and safety is our priority. For these reasons, the batteries are dimensioned by driven meters, not Load capacity. Most vehicles are used as interoperation of heavy duty parts.

Accumulator Rail vehicles are produced in following types. This line can be extended according to customer requirements.

TypeLoading capacity (t)Standard size of Platform (mm) width x lengthGauge (mm)
AV 10, 15 2000 x 3000, 3500
2000 x 4000, 5000, 6000
AV 20, 30, 40, 50 2000 x 3000, 3500
2000 x 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000
3000 x 6000

Technical description

Technical description

  1. Platform boards - plywood with rubber coat
  2. Frame
  3. Cover of Switchboard
  4. Fixing points for cargo
  5. Fixing points for lifting and transport of vehicle
  6. Axle
  7. Emergency Stop Button
  8. Rubber Ends
  9. Protective frame around the vehicle
  10. Light and Sound signaling

Each vehicle is equipped with a battery, which is subject to meet standards applicable in the EU and Russia. If the customer is located out of these territories, it is solved individually. Each vehicle is equipped with a safety passive and active sets of elements.

Active safety kit consist of sensors that stop the vehicle if detects possible collisions and 4 Emergency-STOP buttons located at the corners of the vehicle. When the Emergency Stop Button is pushed down, the vehicle Stop immediately. Passive elements such as a set of LED lights, Protective frame around the car and a color differentiation increase the safety of the operation.

Vehicles are painted with two-component Polyurethane paint. The chassis is not suspended due to low handling speed 35 m / min. For loading capacity over 50 t is necessity to use Yoke axles for steady spread of forces to the chassis rail. Designers guarantee all parameters according to current applicable EU standards. Part of delivery is Operating manual in relevant language and Declaration of Conformity

Technical parameters

Length (mm) See table of produced typed
Width (mm) See table of produced typed
Height (mm) from 500 up to 720
Gauge (mm) 1435, 1520
Surface treatment Polyurethane paint
Upper Platform Steel sheet, Plywood rubber coated
Accessories I. Turn table, Locking Pins, Pole, Safe bunks
Accessories II. Smart Card Reader, Remote control, LED Lights, Safety Anti-collision sensors, Inductive sensors to stop the vehicle in End positions, Automatic ride
Accessories III. Wi-Fi, Lead-Acid batteries electrolyte blowing-through or Gel maintenance-free batteries
Accessories IV. Sensors unblocking, Horn


  • easy manipulation and simple control
  • micro travels for precise manipulation under Crane
  • smooth start and braking
  • cooperation with leading manufacturers guarantees long life time if used components
  • low operational cost
  • maintenance - free batteries
  • High battery life in operation
  • high safety - active and passive
  • possibility of Platform modification according to customer requirement
  • rigid structure

Certificates and documentation

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Guarantee Card
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual

All vehicles are designed according to EU standards.


  • mechanical
    • Pole
    • Safe bunks
    • Locking Pins
    • Turn table
    • Anti-slip floor
    • Lifting Upper platform
    • Loading rigs for example for Coils
  • Electricity and Battery
    • Sensors unblocking
    • Horn
    • Wi-Fi
    • Lead-acid Batteries with Electrolyte blowing
    • Gel battery
    • Tandem control of 2 vehicles together
  • Safety
    • LED Lights
    • Smart Card Reader
    • Remote Control
    • Safety sensors
    • Inductive sensors to stop the vehicle in End positions