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General information and production options

Basic information
Company establishment 1994
Basic assets 550 000 EUR
Insurance 2,18 mil EUR
Turnover 2016 11 mil EUR
Production options
Production area total 13 301 m2
Thereof stocks 1 824 m2
Annual production 4 000 t
Download Machinery
Number of employees
Management, staff office 26 26
Business dept. 6
Engineering office 14
Production 103
Quality management 7
Assembly of halls and cranes 10
International transport 19
Car repair service 5
Maintenance and service 4
Quality system ISO 9001:2009
Environment system ISO 14001:2005
EN ISO 3834-2:2006
ČSN EN 15085-2 "CL1" + ČD V 95/5
DIN EN 15085-2 "CL1"
Pressure vessels Module C1 acc. to directive 97/23/EG
Statement of recognition for a welding workshop

Hopax produces: welded steel structures made from: unalloyed steels S235JR - S960QL EN 10025, stainless steels AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L, Hardox 400 - 500, maximal weight 35 tons and length 35 meters. In some cases can be maximal weight up to 60 t.

Manufacture of Industrial Halls, including the wall sheeting, roofs, gates, windows etc. We also supply Crane Rails and Cranes into Halls. Cranes are produced under contract with French company Verlinde. Maximum span length for Halls is 60 meters and 24 for Cranes. Maximum Crane Lifting Capacity is 80 tons.

International Truck Transport throughout Europe. Hopax owns 25 trucks and trailers (thereof 12 refrigerated trailers) and 1 trailer for Oversized transports up to 28m length and 33 t, including escort vehicles).

Manufacture of Handling equipment for in-house handling – Wheel and Rail Handling trucks.