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Steel Structures

Production area total (m2): 13 000
Cranes maximum load (tons): 60 + 25
Gate dimension (width x length, meters) 5,0 x 4,9

Production of weldments is part of the division "Weldments and Machining". Indoor warehouses for rolled steel material, production areas for the material preparation and particular production of weldments. The supporting steel structures of warehouses and factory buildings are made from rolled and welded sections are covered with modern panels filled with polyurethane foam with a high thermal resistance.

Layout of individual workplaces and material flow minimize manipulation losses and enables optimal utilization of production space. Handling across halls is carried out by two Electric Rail vehicles with a load capacity 40 tons. Manipulation in halls is carried-out by bridge cranes with capacity from 6.3 up to 60 tons. The local manipulation solves Tower and Cantilever Cranes with Lifting capacity from 250 kg up to 500 kg. For further manipulation are used electric and diesel Forklifts with a lifting capacity 1000-5000 kg.

All the material and the steel sheets with width up to 2 meters are shot-blasted before the cutting in continuous shot blasting box onto purity Sa2 1/2. Cutting of profiles and tubes is performed on Band Saws, roughing of rotary parts is made on two NC lathes. Thermal cutting is performed on the machine MGM Omnicut CNC and Vanad Proxima NC. After straightening of cut parts on the straightening rollers follows material preparation on Circling Rollers and NC Press Brake

Fitters individual workplaces are equipped with heavy leveled desks made from cast iron or steel, where are details fitted into subassemblies and higher units. Welding is carried out exclusively by modern welding machines Fronius. All production facilities are feed by technical gases (air, oxygen, acetylene, Inert gas for welding) are distributed to a fitting and welding work places.

Weldments are degreased after machining in degreasing box Quins and manually shot-blasted. Painting is made in a large Painting hall equipped with the suction and filtering system SLF Oberflächentechnik or in Painting box Surfin with possibility of drying up to temperature 60 ° C. Technology of surface preparation and painting allows application of Synthetic Paints, Two-Component Epoxy or Polyurethane Paints and Water-based Paints.

Inspections of all manufacturing operations are carried out by staff independent on the production with qualification and certification VT according to Std201 or according to EN473 and NDT inspectors with qualification and certification MT and UT according to EN473.

The parts of division "Production of weldments" is the assembly site where is performed mechanical assembly or installation of hydraulics, pneumatics and cooling. The workplace is equipped with a hydraulic unit with an output 100kW, which allows functionality test, leak and load testing.

The last operation is the preservation of machined surfaces, packing and loading. The transportation provides division "Freight Transport".