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KV - Wheeled Towing Vehicle

KV - Wheeled Towing Vehicle


Manipulation wheeled platforms without leveling of the chassis are used mainly for transportation between workshops inside halls. Further, they may be used or for transportation of loads of 5 to 20 tons between hall and outside warehouse. The utility speed is 100 m/min. In most cases they are towed behind large tow tractors, which ensure braking distance. The advantage is adaptation for very low operational temperatures and corrosive environments, so the vehicles may parked outside. The disadvantage is limited space of moving.

Produced lines

Accumulator vehicles are produced in the following lines. The line may be extended upon customer request.

KV 10 2000 x 3000
KV 20 2000 x 4000

Technical description

Technical description

  1. Breaking pedal
  2. Connection pin
  3. Stops
  4. Handle points for manual pushing
  5. Brake axle
  6. Platform
  7. Protective frame
  8. Descriptions and Labels
  9. Axle
  10. Protective element of outside contour

Each KV vehicle is equipped with one steered and one rigid axle. For security reasons, each vehicle features passive set of elements..

Pasivní sada prvků jako jsou ochranné rámy kolem vozu a barevné rozlišení částí vozu přispívají ke zvýšení bezpečnosti provozu.

The passive set of elements consists of protective frame around the vehicle and colour distinction of vehicle parts, helping to increase operational safety.

HOPAX Ltd. designers guarantee, that all vehicle components conform to current Standards inside EU and Russia. In case of export to third countries, the product conformity is solved in cooperation with Certification Body TUV SUD individually. The part of each vehicle delivery is Operational Manual in given language including Declaration of Conformity.

Technical parameters

Length (mm) See "Table of produced types"
Width (mm) See "Table of produced types"
Height (mm) rom 300 up to 550
Surface treatment Polyurethane paint
Upper Platform Steel sheet, Plywood rubber coated
Accessories I Turntable, Locking Pins, Pole, Safe bunks
Accessories II Wheels-bantam, polyurethane, polyamid


  • Easy manipulation and control
  • Low operational costs
  • High passive safety
  • Minimal load distribution
  • Rigid construction
  • Long lifetime

Certification and Documentation

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Guarantee card
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual

All vehicles are designed according to EU Standards.


  • Mechanical
    • Poles
    • Safe bunks
    • Locking pins
    • Turntable
    • Anti-slip floor